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Truck mounted concrete pump M 38-5

> M 38-5
> M 38-5
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Reaching approximately 38 m with 5 arms A 38 with 5 arms?
This is now no longer a pipe dream. Thanks to the additional hinge not only are the flexibility and versatility in use improved, but also the horizontal reach is increased. For example, when reaching into buildings, the hinge of the fifth boom is crucial to reaching fully into the building interior. The optimised kinematics ensures that the workspace is maximised and there is no “dead space”.
The 5-arm placing boom in roll Z-folding is the successful combination of flexibility and compactness, which satisfies all requirements. With an extremely low unfolding height, optimal slip properties and minimal dimensions for the set-up, you have almost unlimited possibilities for use. The advantages of the roll and Z-folding are thus combined in a captivating way.

Surprisingly uncomplicated in maintenance
Your machines work efficiently when they are used at full capacity. This also includes versatile use and optimal availability. The costs for service and maintenance must be kept low. With this in mind, we have once again optimised the new series. Only components with a high wear resistance, as well as maintenance-free components and where possible many standard components were installed. Standard screwed-in pipeline supports save time and money when aligning the delivery line. The good accessibility makes service and repair work easier, quicker and more cost-effective.

Simple and safe operation
Also where space is tight, the amazingly direct response characteristics of the optimised boom control and the lightweight design ensure precise and comfortable work. The minimal boom vibrations also in the case of high delivery rates facilitate the placing of the concrete and guarantee a high degree of safety. The elaborate laying of the delivery lines and the balanced development of the steel structure ensure this.
The supplementary equipment EBC (Ergonic® Boom Control), a fully electronic control system for the placing booms, provide even more comfort. The integrated vibration damping eases the burden on operators thanks to constantly smooth guidance of the end hose. The boom can be moved even more smoothly using the joystick in a one-handed operation. The restriction of the workspace or the blocking of arm positions increase the operational reliability.

The new boom at a glance

Boom (M 38-5)
modelM 38-5
delivery line dn125/5,5
folding systemRZ
vertical reach37.5m
horizontal reach32.8m
Horizontal Reach (net)32.8m
depth of reach25.3m
unfold height7.4m
end hose length max4m
Pump (BSF ...16 H)
modelBSF ...16 H
delivery cylinder stroke2100mm
delivery cylinder diameter230mm
output rodside160m³/h
pressure rodside85bar
strokes rodside31/min
output pistonside108m³/h
pressure pistonside130bar
strokes pistonside21/min
Pump (BSF ...16 H LS)
modelBSF ...16 H LS
delivery cylinder stroke2100mm
delivery cylinder diameter250mm
output pistonside160m³/h
pressure pistonside85bar
strokes pistonside26/min

* Specifications subject to change without prior notice, no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.


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