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Truck mounted concrete pump M 46-5

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The advantage of the M46-5

Equipment lines
To make it easier to select from the numerous configuration options, three equipment lines (standard line, high line and exclusive line), as well as a few option packages, are available.

Standard line
This equipment includes components which Putzmeister considers to be an economic standard for working efficiently and safely. Combined with the “German/ EU road use approval” option package,
the machine is ready for use throughout Europe.

High line
The high line provides easier operation, reduce maintenance costs and increased lighting comfort.

Exclusive line
This line represents the highest equipment level offered by Putzmeister. It includes selected premium components.

Technical Data M 46-5

Boom (M46-5)
Delivery line diam. 125 / 5.5
Sections 5
Folding System RZ
Reach height 45.5 m
Horizontal reach gross 40.5 m
Reach depth max. 32.8 m
Unfolding height 11.1 m
End hose length 4 m
Support force front 245 kN
Support force rear 245 kN


Pump (BSF ... 16 H)

Delivery cylinder stroke 2100 mm
Delivery cylinder diam.  230 mm
Output (rod side) 160 m³ /h
Delivery pressure (rod side) 85 bar
Strokes (rod side) 31 /min
Output (piston side) 108 m³ /h
Delivery pressure (piston side) 130 bar
Strokes (piston side) 21 /min


Pump (BSF ... 16 HLS)

Delivery cylinder stroke 2100 mm
Delivery cylinder diam. 250 mm
Output (piston side) 160 m³ /h
Delivery pressure (piston side) 85 bar
Strokes (piston side) 26 /min


* Specifications subject to change without prior notice, no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.


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